Our Advisers

Advisers operating under the Madison AFSL are provided with training and professional development at the highest standard.

All of our Advisers have the necessary qualifications and experience to provide financial advice. In addition to this, all Madison Advisers are provided with access to some of the Industry’s most experienced Consultants and experts in areas such as Investment research and asset allocation.

Meet Some of Our Advisers

New South Wales

Arrowstone Wealth Planning


Brian is the principal and Senior Financial Planner at Arrowstone Wealth Planning. Brian commenced in the financial planning industry in 1982, with a specific focus on individual financial planning, including the development of strategic advice for superannuation, retirement, insurance and estate planning. Since 1986 Brian has worked extensively in supporting trustees of Self-Managed Superannuation Funds in both the strategic planning and investment management of their funds. He also regularly assists clients with Estate Planning and Aged Care planning. He holds a SMSF Specialist Adviser qualification. As a founding member of our licensee, Madison Financial Group, Brian has experienced many changes to the industry over the past 30 years, which is invaluable in assisting clients build and protect their wealth. This experience gives him a unique perspective on client issues and needs that are forever impacted by our continually changing world. Brian holds the following qualifications: Certified Financial Planner, Member of FPA, Member of SMSF Professionals Association of Australia, SMSF Specialist Adviser.  He is married with two young children and enjoys boating with the family.

Phone: 02 8920 8933 ext 2
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Wesbsite: www.arrowstonewealth.com.au

Canopy Private


Canopy Private is a planning firm that focuses on building the leading relationship focused holistic advice business for families in their 30s and 40s. They specialise in Strategy, Mortgages, Insurance, Cash flow, and SMSF. Chris Bates has been a wealth planner for over 8 years and is motivated by his goal to build a new way of advice and sustainable business for the future. He prides himself on helping clients from all walks of life at all different ages. His success comes from leaving product conversations to last and focusing on sound advice and relationships first. His key to success would be understanding clients past and future wishes, incorporating property/lending advice and holistic conversations. When he isn’t in the office working for his clients he can be found watching English Football. He also enjoys learning wildlife, alternative travel and change. His bucket list includes spending a considerable time in east Africa working with animals.

Phone: 0412 226 009

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Website: www.canopyprivate.com.au

Halcyon Wealth Advisers

Andrew 2

Halcyon Wealth Advisers are a group of like minded trusted advisors with a reputation for delivering well thought out solutions to clients over a long period of time specialising in Superannuation, Retirement Planning, SMSF and personal Insurances.


Andrew Armitage of Halcyon Wealth Advisers has nearly 20 years experience in the industry. Andrew loves being able to help his clients in a genuine and positive way and is proud of the excellent long term relationships he has created with his clients. Andrew listens to what is really important to a client, simplifies the complex nature of the work for them and has outstanding technical knowledge and experience to get the outcome required.

Phone: 02 8920 8933

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John Francis has been a wealth planner for over 16 years with amazing industry results. His biggest client achievement would be helping an elderly couple that were being taking advantage of by a another planner and getting them a significant refund. His key to success in wealth planning is client relationships – I believe it is the most important part of any professional partnership with a client. His biggest professional hurdle would be: Starting his business from scratch – “don’t give up and don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and ask for advice from anyone that you may respect. People will surprise you with how willing they are to help.”

Phone: 02 8920 8933

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Vivienne James has been working in financial services for over 35 years. Her focus has been primarily investment recommendations varying from direct shares to managed funds to index funds again based on the specific needs of the client. When she isn’t working for her clients, Vivienne spends time with her family and friends at the beach, listening to music and reading.

Phone: 02 8920 8933

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Website: www.halcyonwealth.com.au

Ironbark Wealth Advisers


Ironbark Wealth Advisers focuses mainly on steady growth of income for its clients. They strive to create proactive portfolios for all of their clients. Bruce Henderson has over 30 years of wealth planning experience to bring to his clients. He prides himself on putting his clients needs above all and focuses on building rock solid client relationships that can last for years to come. Outside of focusing on his clients and their needs Bruce also loves spending time with his family. He hopes to one day have a comfortable retirement so he can devote time to them.

Phone: 02 6884 4680

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Website: www.ironbarkwealth.com.au

Mooney’s Life Insurance Advisors


Mooney’s Life Insurance Advisors is a risk and life insurance firm. Michael Mooney has been working as a life insurance provider for over 40 years and is well known in the industry. He prides himself on his people skills, understanding clients, product knowledge and his general understanding of the life insurance industry after 40 years. When Michael isn’t working hard to help his clients he can be found spending time with his family.

Phone: (02) 8920 8933 # 3

Email: Click Here

Website: www.mooneyslife.com.au

Sherlock McGrath Financial Services P/L

Sherlock McGrath Financial Services is a trusted partner of our clients for their Investment, Superannuation and Insurance needs. We focus on Investments, Superannuation, Insurance, Retirement pensions and annuities with full Financial advice and strategy. Sean McGrath of Sherlock McGrath has 7 years of experience in Financial Services. Sean enjoys listening to clients, understanding exactly what the clients’ needs are and keeping in contact so they always feel they have a trusted advisor for any questions that they may have. It’s important to Sean that he creates the right plan for his clients by truly listening to their wants, needs, dreams and sometimes, worries. In his free time, Sean loves to spend time with his family and on his bucket list is golfing at St. Andrews in Scotland.

Phone:02 9431 7056 or 0400 058 702,

Email: Click Here

Website: www.sherlockmcgrath.com.au

Sherlock Group Financial Services P/L

Jonathan Office pic

The Sherlock Group’s vision is to be a trusted and reputable adviser practice by established, well known employers and successful individuals. They focus on providing financial advice on superannuation, risk insurance, wealth creation, retirement & estate planning. Jonathan Sherlock had been a practicing financial planner for 20 years. He graduated from Bond University with a commerce and Law degree and an Advanced Diploma in financial Services. Prior to working for The Sherlock Group, Jonathan practiced as a solicitor at Clayton Utz. The chance to meet new people and service clients gets him up in the morning. He feels his greatest success as a planner was giving a substantial cheque to a surviving spouse when they had no assets, or savings but are now financially better off due to insurance protection that we have put in place. He feels he is best at planning is Superannuation, insurance and estate planning strategies, and he is very proud of his corporate Super Skills. Jonathan loves to learn and enjoys meeting new clients at work, in his downtime he enjoys playing tennis and he dreams of one day viewing the spectacular Northern Lights.

Phone: 02 9431 7006

Email: Click Here

Website www.sherlockgroup.com.au

Principle Advisers P/L

Malcolm Greentree

Principle Advisers aim to ensure that quality advice remains accessible, affordable, accountable and achievable. Malcolm Greentree’s role is to focus on strategy, not product. His role is to help you make informed financial decisions, to help you achieve your financial objectives. Malcolm has been a Financial Advisor since 2004, he became a Certified Financial Planner in 2013 and in 2003 graduated with a Bachelors in Business, majoring in Financial Planning and Business Financial Management. If you were to ask him what 3 things he believes he excels at in financial planning he would say engaging, initiating action and empowering clients. He says, “Helping clients understand the financial planning process/ assisting clients implement the strategy in a timely manner/helping clients to stay on track. I learnt that “balance” is crucial, and so I help clients (and myself) understand what success really means to them, and for most people that is to take care of your Family, Faith, Finance and Fitness. His free time is all about family but he also loves looking for opportunities to give back to the community, including his monthly volunteering at a local aged care facility. His next mission is helping build homes in Indonesia with the help of Habitat for Humanity team (October 2016). When he gets the chance he wants to go back to Africa with his children so they can get an appreciation of how lucky we have it in Australia, and ideally they will get a sense of purpose that extends beyond themselves.

Phone:  0406 476 023

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Website: http://www.principleadvisers.com.au/


CFL Financial Planning


CFL Financial Planning’s aims to partner with successful individuals and develop a long-term relationship with the goal of achieving financial independence for our clients. Craig Buntain has been a trusted financial planner for over 16 years. He prides himself on communication, knowledge, and relatability. Craig’s biggest success story is achieving a client’s retirement goals at the fruition of a 10 year strategy, despite the GFC hitting 4 years in. The strategies used in the final 3 years before retirement also saved the client $80,000 in tax. When he isn’t in the office Craig enjoys spending time with his family.

Phone:07 3328 8988

Email: Click Here

Website: www.cflfinancial.com.au

CFL Financial Planning


CFL Financial Planning has a vision to help successful, Motivated Professionals and Small Business Owners plan, and to achieve a prosperous, not just comfortable, retirement! CFL Financial Planning can provide the most basic plan through to a complex Pre & Post Retirement strategy including DIY Super Funds with Investments and Diversification advice to cover your ‘total’ financial planning needs. Prior to working for CFL Financial Planning, Steve worked for the Commonwealth Bank and RBS Morgans. Helping others achieve and exceed their goals is what motivates Steve, seeing clients enjoying their retirement, receiving photos from them holidaying in Greece, Nepal or Ayers Rock and knowing that they’re not worrying about money. In his down time, Steve is a motorsport junkie, and when he gets the chance he wants to walk the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.

Phone: (07) 3328 8988

Email: Click Here

Website: www.cflfinancial.com.au

Greg Walker Financial Planning P/L

GW Photo 2

Greg Walker financial Planning has a vision of build a small number of clients who they can help and enjoy working with, providing them with a high level of very personal service, at a fair price. They focus on retirement Planning, Estate Planning, Small Business Planning and Self-managed Superannuation. Greg Walker has been providing clients with advice they can trust for over 27 years, he is a Certified Financial Planner and SMSF Specialist Advisor and before he started Greg Walker financial Planning, he worked for Ipac. Greg is enthusiastic about being able to help people and gain a great sense of achievement when he has put a client in a better position.  Greg feels, that out of the three things that planning involves, he is most excellent at understanding his client’s needs and priorities, being able to explain financial matters in simple plain English and gaining the trust of his clients’. Out of these skills he is most proud of his communication skills. To get to where he is now, he has learnt many things, but he says, “It’s not until I matured that you really appreciated the importance of enjoying your work and helping people is more important and more sustainable than making money in your chosen occupation.” Outside of work Greg is most passionate about his family, gardening and surfing and when he gets the chance he wants to travel around Australia.

Phone: 07 5525 7000 or 0408 645 464

Email: Click Here

Sinclair Financial Group

Sinclair Financial Group specialises in running a financial planning business that continues to deliver excellent service and financial advice to all of its clients. The most important outcome for the group is the right advice for each of their clients. When the advice is right the investments, superannuation or any other financial product will be born from the advice.


Norm Sinclair has been a trusted financial planner for over 25 years and he is motivated everyday by a profession that he is passionate about – making a difference in people’s lives through sound advice and quality solutions.  He strives to always listen to his clients, Make the difficult relatively easy for clients and be technically excellent. When he isn’t focusing on his outstanding clients, Norm is spending time with his family and sport. On his life bucket list: “I would like to follow the Tour de France cycle race around Europe with my wife.”

Phone:  07 3117 0607

Email: Click Here

Website:  www.sinclairfinancialgroup.com.au

South Australia

Seagrims Your Financial Planners


Seagrims Your Financial Planners are a group focused on Income Streams, Superannuation, Retirement planning incorporating centrelink service, and estate planning. Peter & Anne-Marie Seagrim have been in the industry for over 50 years combined and specialise in helping clients who started with basically nothing 25 years ago, achieve financial freedom in retirement. Their passion is to help people, to ensure they have no regrets and get their financial house in order. In order to achieve success they focus on empathy, ability to understand clients needs, general knowledge about most super funds especially industry funds, and Centrelink and aged care knowledge. When Peter and Anne-Marie aren’t in the office, they love to spend time with their family and cooking! A bucket list item: Go on a cruise ship vacation!

Phone: 1800 818933

Website: www.seagrims.com.au