Who We Are

Our Team has a 30 year pedigree and a strong track record for an exceptional advice culture; thought-leadership and innovation.   

Madison financial advisers are encouraged and supported to voice their opinions knowing their dealer group will constructively challenge their ideas, as we stand behind our advisers when it makes sense to question the rule-books.

To understand more about our core values, history and services view the videos from our Founders below.

Our History

The founders of Madison began with a vision to combine institutional experience with small business realism and passion – now the growing Madison team continues to challenge and innovate by supporting our advisers to speak up, share their knowledge and develop a culture of shared success for their community.


PHAROS Financial Group (Madison’s former parent company) was started in 2006 by Tony Hartley and Mark Perry who got together at a time when they were both ready to build a business that really mattered.  Tony and Mark had spent many years working for and with large corporate organisations but felt disillusioned with the controls, values and behaviours of the institutional environment.  After 12 months of reviewing the market, they concluded that what was missing was a business that invested in firms that wanted to alter the prevailing institutionally influenced advice paradigm and deliver real value added advice and options for the retail investor.

Madison’s founders set out to build a dealer group for financial advisers wanting to: 

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Deliver real value to their investor clients

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Work alongside people with similar values

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Be challenged with innovative and clever ways to deliver excellent advice

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Build successful businesses in their area of expertise

Madison’s values and what they mean

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Caring for you as our clients


We want our advisers to be part of our business family and we really do act like a family.  Our Annual Conference caters for and includes partners and children, the management team and advice practices bring their whole families and enjoy the experience together.

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Genuine care for your clients


If this value is not strongly held and demonstrated in an adviser’s attitudes and actions, we don’t want them in the team.

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Best practice environment


Chains are as strong as their weakest links and when it comes to compliance there is the risk that should the one suffer tarnish, yours will through association. We take this incredibly seriously.

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Building rewarding relationships


Madison is not a huge institution, while we have the experience and training of large corporates, we think and act like small business.  This means we are authentic and there is no hidden agenda.  You will get to know us and form some life-long partnerships, friends and mentors as part of the Madison community.

What our advisers say about us

In a world where honest, clever and legitimate advice can often be clouded by institutional alliances and conflicted remuneration – Madison is for financial advisers who want to:


  • Deliver real value to their investor clients,
  • Approach compliance with a constructive and commercial attitude,
  • step away from institutional influence
  • challenge the norm, with innovative ways to deliver excellent advice
  • while building successful and enjoyable business culture.



If you are part of an institutionally owned dealer group or you are already part of a boutique dealer group and want to enjoy having the ability to choose investment or insurance products that fit your client’s needs, working with a team that understands your daily challenges and can have a say in the products and services your dealer group offers.

What people say about us

Everyone is an expert at what they do … all the Madison staff and principals are at the top of their game … there are no slouches.
Geoff Taylor – Majenda Financial Services


Have a problem? Not sure where you are or where you should be? Not sure how to grow your business? There will be someone within Madison or its network who is happy to spend some time with you and pass on the experience.
Paul Giordano – Vogue Financial Group


If you want to be surrounded with inspirational advisers who are truly experts in their field, passionate about the advice industry and a willingness to share – then Madison is worth considering.
Jaime Johns – Practice Development Manager