The Opportunity

We believe in the power of community. That’s why it's important to us that we partner with the right business and advice leaders who are culturally aligned, share similar values, and believe great advice changes lives.

  • Share in the collective wisdom of advice leaders, accessing information and expertise with real stories and experiences;

  • Motivation and support from a community working towards similar goals, helping to bring out the very best in you;

  • Exchanging ideas, being exposed to diverse opinions and approaches to business problems.

We want to know you and your business.

We take the time to listen and understand you; your approach to providing advice to your clients.  Importantly, we want to understand what inspires and motivates you as a professional in financial services.

If the fit is not right on both sides, there is little value in developing a partnership.

Our collective success is dependent on partnering with advice businesses who share similar professional, financial, cultural and yes, personal goals and outcomes.

As a business owner

As an advice business, you already understand the diverse and competing skills required each day. As well as commercial outcomes, managing governance, compliance and regulatory requirements adds time and complexity.

We will help strengthen your business skills across these and other key business areas; and with access to our adviser community, your business will be in a great position to achieve its potential.

As an adviser

Our adviser community will differentiate your business.


  • Share and leverage their advice business knowledge, experience and expertise 
  • Proactively work with members within the Madison advice business community
  • Engage and leverage Madison tools, services, advice and support
  • Continue to develop new skills in the operation of their advice businesses that create better wealth outcomes for their clients

Indeed, our advisers are encouraged to look beyond industry trends or norms where outcomes benefit their clients and their businesses.