Business Fit


When you’re caught in the day-to-day running of a small business, sometimes you can overlook the importance of growing your business.

Knowing the financial and operational metrics that keep your business fit, can help you quickly identify opportunities or problems in areas such as, people, process, pricing or expenses.

Truly understanding these metrics and gauging your performance against a strategic plan, can give you a clearer picture of business strengths and areas that need attention.

Madison supports firms with their ‘business fitness’. We will work with you to analyse how your business is performing, celebrate success as you achieve your goals, or help you adjust your position when you’re not.

How a business responds and adapts to challenges says more about its fitness than anything else. We are seeing a period of significant change within our profession. This change brings challenges and great opportunity. We feel our ‘Business Fit’ support framework will help bring clarity to navigate your decisions with confidence.

Our process is considered and thorough. We understand growth and evolution takes time. As we learn more about your aspirations and business objectives, we work with you to decide the actions or priorities most important to you. We will support you to implement these actions with recommendations or resources, providing focus and discipline to keep to your timeline.


Your services and advice process require agility to continually deliver great client care. We bring you options to help you deliver your client experience.

Ongoing Education

Our program is designed to include the diversity of our community.  We believe quality education is multi-faceted and needs to be delivered and accessed in ways that support different styles of learning. In addition, the transfer of knowledge between financial advisers will be critical to ensure the longevity of our profession.

We have communities of practice who focus on specific areas of advice. These include, insurance, advice process and delivery and niche business models. These exist to increase opportunities for advisers to collaborate and share best practice.


We seek to understand your business and the ‘story’ behind your client relationship not just the facts. We work with you to ensure your advice meets the needs of your clients, is compliant and your advice processes are as efficient as possible. Our aim is to help you spent more time with your clients.